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MEDSPA MASTERY: Live and Hands On!

Medspa Education

MedSpa Mastery is an intense, two-day, introductory course suitable for all medical or administrative professionals working in the medical spa industry, including estheticians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians, surgeons and administrative staff. Each type of professional enters the industry with a different background, but shares common interests and goals. MedSpa Mastery is unique, in that the education provided comes from many different perspectives.

Each presenter at this course has had a personal impact on the growth and success of our 40-member Nayak Plastic Surgery/Avani Derm Spa team and contributes unique insights. The course and presenters will share tools, tips and skills used to make our Medical Spa one of top in the country.

Medspa Education
Medspa Education
Medspa Education


This 2 or 3 day course is designed for surgeons to develop the manual skills required for advanced facelifting techniques by using cadaver specimens.

Basic facelifting technique and other management techniques of the aging face will also be covered.

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Medspa Education


Nurse Injectors:

Shadow one of our expert nurse injectors on a typical day. Learn our special techniques and tips, and see what it is like to consult and treat 15 or more patients receiving treatments ranging from injectables to Coolsculpting to Ultherapy in our busy medical spa. We will work to find the most suitable day to fit your interests. For RN’s, NP’s or nursing school students only.

Half Day: $750 (8am to 12:30pm)
Full Day: $1000 (8am to 5pm)

Please contact [email protected] to schedule your observation. Please specify which of our nurse injectors you are interested in shadowing and a date range that works for you.


Medspa Education

Dr. Nayak’s surgical skills and results are unparalleled. Watch and learn from the master of aging face surgery and rhinoplasty. After that, if you choose, you can stay to observe Dr. Nayak in consultations, follow-ups and injectable visits. We will work to find the most suitable surgery or clinic hours that fit your interests. For surgeons, physicians, residents and fellows only.

Surgery only (am): $2500
Office hours only (pm): $1000
Full Day: $3000

Please contact [email protected] to schedule your observation with Dr. Nayak. Please identify your interests and a date range which works for you.




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