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Each of our locations provides excellent care and results in a tranquil, elegant environment. We offer a full array of treatments ranging from facials and makeup to Botox, Coolsculpting and laser treatments, all the way up to surgical solutions with Dr. L. Mike Nayak. Dr Nayak is Board Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology, and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (Facial Cosmetic Surgery).

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About Us – Meet the Team

We are one of the top providers of Botox, Juvederm, Coolsculpting, Ultherapy and Hydrafacial in the USA. Our experienced nurse injectors are personally trained by world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Mike Nayak. Their high patient satisfaction and excellent results have made them leaders in the field. Our highly skilled estheticians focus each treatment to meet your goals, are experienced in treating compromized/post-surgical skin and have a loyal following. Everything we do is customized to give you the best results.

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Testimonials – 5 out 5 Stars

  • Posted 3/5/2020

    “Went to see Julie B ay Dr. Nayak's office for Botox. I love coming to this office, everyone is always great, especially Julie. Her energy and warm personality is always so comforting. I love that she really takes the time to listen to me as I tell her what end result I am looking for. Julie will never let me do anything that she wouldn't do to herself, her goal is always for me to look natural. She is conservative, her thought is that we can always touch it up. She is gentle, and the best part, NO BRUISING!! (I'm a redhead that bruises very easily) I LOVE Julie, and I LOVE how she makes me look like the best version of me.”

    - S.B.

  • Posted 6/11/2018

    “Britlynn is an effervescent lovely aesthetician. She is on time, professional and very caring. I appreciate her knowledge and her incredibly sweet disposition. My skin has never looked better since committing to monthly facials with her. It's my favorite day of the month!”

    - T. Deleon

  • Posted 3/5/2020

    “Have had a few services done here, and now it's my go to spot! I've had a great Hyrdrafacial with Brittanie, and Julie has walked me through Botox multiple times, including the first time when I was crazy nervous. She takes the time to answer any questions I may have, and I always end up looking fantastic. She fully understands how to balance the want to look a little "freshened up" while making it look 100% natural. Julie will forever be the only person that can touch my face :)”

    - K.M.

  • Posted 12/30/2019

    “Let me start off by saying this was my first time... I had an appointment with Elizabeth and let me tell you all she DELIVERED!!! I’m so obsessed with my lips. They are so incredibly natural yet, still have that Instagram worthy pout. I was super nervous because I’m in the cosmetology industry, and I’m a perfectionist myself. Elizabeth completely shocked me with how perfect she made my lips, she was extremely gentle, communicative, and listened incredibly well they are more than just beautiful but truly perfect, I showed her what I was scared of and one or two photos of what I liked, and she did amazing! I will definitely be back with her, and I can’t wait to show my new lips off to everyone, Elizabeth I’m sending referrals your way girl! You are amazing, thank you so much!!!”

    - M.A.

  • Posted 7/19/2020

    “Big shout out to Amy for my facial this morning!! She is amazing and made me feel so special!! I love her and can't wait for my next appointment. Also I would like to say the front desk is so friendly and so willing to help you. Sweet ladies. Thank you you made my day! Also I highly recommend Julie B for microneedling!! Another amazing experience with her! Very sweet and very professional. This is the place to be ladies!!”

    - Robyn B.

  • Posted 8/22/2020

    “I recently completed a series of three Morpheus8 treatments. I was looking for a procedure that would improve my skin appearance and texture. When Jenny explained how Morpheus8 stimulates collagen production with the aid of heat from the RF needles I felt this was the natural approach I was hoping to achieve. I have honestly had three neighbors remark on how great my skin looks! These comments were unsolicited since I had told no one about my treatments. A natural improvement through Morpheus8 is a win-win in my opinion. Thank you, Jenny, for your skills and recommendation.”

    - Terry M..

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  • New Skin Therapy

    Avani Derm Spa is now offering DMK Enzyme

    DMK Enzyme Therapy - This unique oxygen mask treatment produces reverse osmosis, ridding skin of impurities and encouraging blood circulation and optimizing skin function. It is customized based on your skincare goals and also includes a light peel.

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  • Introducing New Peel Services

    Avani Derm Spa is now offering peels by LeReve Skin Institute!

    RevePeel, Enlighten Peel, Enlighten Plus Peel - These 3 peels are the newest gold standard in medium-depth peels on the market. They work on a cellular level to target hyperpigmentation, melasma, and skin texture and can be performed on any skin type. You will receive products to use at home with each peel.

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  • Featured Procedure

    Laser Hair Removal

    We offer the Lumenis LightSheer Infinity for all laser hair removal treatments, it is far superior to the older lasers that are still utilized by many facilities. It is safe for all skin types, even dark skin, and enables permanent hair reduction from all areas of the body. The advanced technology reduces pain while increasing efficacy, enabling fast and comfortable treatments for our patients.

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  • Our Services

    Facials & Peels

    We offer a variety of facials and facial treatments designed to invigorate the body while simultaneously improving the quality of your skin. Whether you’re simply looking for a relaxing experience or trying to get a better handle on your skin care regimen, Avani Derm Spa has something for everyone!

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  • Our Services


    Botox, Jeuveau, and Dysport are remarkable treatments that erase frown lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet. They also maximize and extend the results achieved through surgery and laser skin treatments. Treatments are nearly painless, and the effects last 3-6 months.

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  • Our Services

    Non-Surgical Treatments

    For those patients who have little to no downtime, or for those who are not well enough to undergo the surgery and recovery process, we offer a variety of nonsurgical, non-invasive and effective treatments for everyone!

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Repost from @nayakplasticsurgery

The facelift of our 12 year old main office is complete!

@suermanncontracting has been working with us for over a year, closing and refinishing one room at a time to minimally inconvenience our patients and providers.

Now, with the lobby, the project is finally finished!

COOLPEEL is the perfect way to prep for summer ready skin!

•fine lines
•sun damage
•acne scarring
•pore size
•overall skin texture

The CoolPeel gives benefits of a traditional CO2 laser with a fraction of the downtime! Reach out to our office to inquire!

📱call/text: 314-991-5438
💻email: [email protected]

#coolpeel #coolpeelstl #summerskin #co2 #tetraco2 #stl #stlaesthetics #stllaser #skincare

REPOST from @skinandspirit_shaunarupp

HFX Hydrafacial training in Dallas was such a blast! Love learning from such knowledgeable leaders, connecting with fellow esti’s, and the fantastic team building.

If you haven’t had a Hydrafacial - this is your sign to get one 💦🙌🏻

💚💚 Our team is committed to ongoing education and staying up to date with the latest techniques and strategies to provide the best possible service to our clients! 💚💚

#hydrafacial #hfx #hfxdallas #esthetician #esti #skincare #skinregimen #stlfacial #stlesthetics
#continuededucation #alwayslearning #hydrafacialstl

CoolPeel magic 🪄

Our @cool_peel laser up close and in action!

You may benefit from the CoolPeel laser If you are looking to treat:

🪄fine lines
🪄sun damage
🪄pore size
🪄skin texture

OR if you just want healthier, younger looking skin!

The CoolPeel delivers fractional ablative benefits of traditional CO2, but without the downtime!

📱call/text: 314-991-5438
💻email: [email protected]

#coolpeel #coolpeellaser #co2 #co2laser #co2laserresurfacing #skinresurfacing #noninvasive #poresize #skintexture #medspastl #laserstl #lasertreatment

✨Enlighten Peel ✨

REPOST from @skndeepbeauty

A Depigmentation System intended to target and treat :

🎯Dark Spots
🎯Acne Scars
🎯Dull Skin
🎯Large Pores
🎯Blotchy Uneven Skin

This system is specifically designed for darker Fitzpatrick skin types, is used to prepare skin for aggressive laser treatments and to help anyone wanting to improve their complexion.

With this Enlighten or
Enlighten Plus corrective treatment you will dramatically reduce the appearance of all the targeted areas above.

A thorough consultation and a very compliant approach is necessary for this treatment, with communication between you and your licensed provider to achieve the best results!
** pictured client is same lighting, same camera, same spot in office. Before photo is prior to starting the at home prep process and after photo is post her completed Enlighten Plus post care - a 12 week difference ✨

@skndeepbeauty I was the provider for this beauty 🤩 I want to add- I had to do a second set of after photos because she couldn’t stop smiling and telling me thank you and how much she loved her skin!

#ilovewhatido #changingpeopleslives #withconfindence

Nia Gel is a lightweight hydrating gel fortified with soothing Vitamin B5, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), and Green Tea extracts to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated all day long. Great for oily and combination skin types, nia gel is also perfect for acne-prone skin thanks to its non-comedogenic formula. Pair it with our clarifying pads for maximum results and say hello to clear, radiant skin!

#niagel #skincare #hydration #oilyskin #combinationskin #vitaminB5 #niacinamide #greenteaextracts #fragrancefree #parabenfree #dyefree #acneproneskin #clearskin #clarifyingpads

Are you feeling tired and sluggish lately? Our B12 injections may be just what you need! 💉💥💪

Benefits include:

💥Increased energy and stamina
💥Boosted weight loss and higher metabolism
💥Improved sleep quality
💥Enhanced mood and mental clarity
💥Balanced immune system

The best part? You can easily add a B12 injection to any appointment for only $40. And with the option to receive injections every 2-4 weeks, you’ll be feeling your best in no time! Contact us to schedule your appointment today. 😃

📱Call/text: 314-991-5438
💻 Email: [email protected]

#B12injections #energyboost #stlmedspa #healthylifestyle

Happy Friday! We are excited to have our lip filler giveaway patient Carah here today for treatment with @jenny.morrison.np 💉

Stay tuned for healed results in 2-3 weeks 🤗

💋Treatment: Lip filler with @juvederm Ultra
🎯Results: immediately, peak results at two weeks
⏳Longevity: average 9-12 months
👍🏼Anesthesia: topical anesthetic
💉Technique: needle
💊Avoid any blood thinning medications for two weeks prior to help decrease the risk of bruising: ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil, etc. (check before stopping any medications prescribed by your doctor)
🤗Recovery: bruising and swelling is possible, allow for two weeks before any important events
⏰Appointment length: 20-30 minutes  
💰Average cost: $700+
🌎Location: St. Louis, MO
☎️Phone/text: (314) 991-5438
📧Email: [email protected]
🗂Initial consult: complimentary

#medspa #medspastl #topinjector #stlaesthetics #juvederm #lipfiller #cheekfiller

Double Points through Allē starts today and goes through April 1, 2023!

■ Receive Botox & Juvederm filler within the same visit to earn DOUBLE points

■ Earn up to $180 in rewards

Call or text our office to schedule your appointment today!

#alle #allerewards #stlinjector #medspastlouis #doublepoints


ALLE rewards members can scan this barcode at every injectable visit to earn bonus points off your next treatment as well as various offers and discounts!

You have a chance to scan at every appointment and rewards can be redeemed instantly!


Make sure to check it out at your next visit!

#ALLE #ALLErewards #botox #juvederm #topinjector #stlinjector #aesthetics

Personalized skincare from a licensed medical professional is easier than ever!

It can even be done from your phone on the couch!

If you have ever been curious about medical grade skincare, or if you have a routine but you need some assistance or tweaking, we’d love to help you!

Medical- grade skincare can truly transform your skin, and can help maintain the benefits of your in-office treatments!

Visit our website dermspastore.com and click on “Personalized skincare assessment”

#skincare #medspastl #stlesthetics #dermspastore #medicalgradeskincare

Breeze through this medical microneedling appointment with us!

Do you find this as satisfying and we do? Let us know in the comments 💕

Want to know more about this treatment or if it’s right for you?
Call/text 📱 314-991-5448
Email 💻 [email protected]

#stlmedspa #stlinjector #medicalmicroneedling

💉Juvederm VOLUX is here!! 💉

We are very exciting to be offering Volux which is perfect for jawline and chin enhancement!!

Big thank you to Gina at @divineboutiquemedspa for training our girls!

Gentleman- you are going to love this filler!

🎯Results: immediately, peak results at two weeks
⏳Longevity: average 9-12 months
👍🏼Anesthesia: topical anesthetic
💉Technique: needle
💊Avoid any blood thinning medications for two weeks prior to help decrease the risk of bruising: ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil, etc. (check before stopping any medications prescribed by your doctor)
🤗Recovery: bruising and swelling is possible, allow for two weeks before any important events
⏰Appointment length: 20-30 minutes  
💰Average cost: $875 +
🌎Location: St. Louis, MO
☎️Phone/text: (314) 991-5438
📧Email: [email protected]
🗂Initial consult: complimentary

#trendingreel #cosmeticreel #stlinjector #topinjector #stl #stlmedspa #juvederm #juvedermvolux #Volux

Medical treatment for Teeth grinding/TMJ 🦷

Did you know that Botox can be used therapeutically to help relive symptoms of TMJ?

✨BONUS-this treatment slims the face which many patients find desirable!

🎯Results: 2 weeks post Injections
⏳Longevity: average 3-4 months
👍🏼Anesthesia: topical anesthetic
💉Technique: needle
💊Avoid any blood thinning medications for two weeks prior to help decrease the risk of bruising: ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil, etc. (check before stopping any medications prescribed by your doctor)
🤗Recovery: bruising and swelling is possible, allow for two weeks before any important events
⏰Appointment length: 10-20 min
💰Average cost: $550
🌎Location: St. Louis, MO
☎️Phone/text: (314) 991-5438
📧Email: [email protected]
🗂Initial consult: complimentary

#stlmedspa #stlinjector #topinjector #allergan #botox #tmjbotox

Start your 2023 off ✨GLOWING✨ with a Hydrafacial treatment!

✨Great for all ages, skin types, and complexions
✨Improves appearance wrinkles, dark spots, oily skin, and large pores
✨No downtime
✨PERFECT for before an event

Call/text 314-991-5438 to schedule yours!

#nayakplasticsurgery #avanidermspa #stlmedspa #stlhydrafacial #hydrafacial #stlmedspa

Treatment: Reve Enlighten Plus Peel
With @skinandspirit_shaunarupp
Purpose: Melasma pigment reduction
Downtime: 7-10 days social downtime (per application)

Melasma is a hormonal pigment condition and limits the patient in their day to day as it is triggered by heat and sunlight. It is one of the most challenging pigment concerns to work with and most options for treatment take a while to see significant improvement.

Our Reve Enlighten Plus peel system is an incredible option that provides impressive results with just one treatment!

This patient is only halfway through her treatment and this is her result! She will have even more improvement following her full treatment.

Melasma can be the source of a lot of self consciousness and self criticism. Being able to help others appreciate the skin they’re in and see their own beauty is such a wonderful gift! We are so excited for this patient! 🤗

#esthetician #selfcare #skincare #facials #peels #microneedling #estylife #estiebestie #melasma #skinhealth #aging gracefully
#nayakplasticsurgery #avanidermspa #medspa #stlmedspa #stlesthetics

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