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The HydraFacial is growing in popularity by the day. Everyone is looking for ways to brighten, smooth, and create an overall younger-looking appearance for their skin. With little to no side effects or downtime needed, a HydraFacial in St. Louis may be the skincare solution you’ve been searching for.


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What Is a HydraFacial?

A HydraFacial uses a medical device to extract, cleanse, and hydrate while exfoliating and infusing the skin with serums. It’s essentially a three-step facial that, unlike many other facials, requires no abrasive treatments to achieve fresher, smoother, and tighter skin. The treatment clears away dead skin cells and loosens pores for extraction while leaving skin glowing and fresh.  

The Three-Step HydraFacial

  1. Cleansing & Peeling. Your treatment will start with a deep cleanse and removal of dead skin cells, helping to uncover a fresh healthy layer of skin. 

  2. Extracting & Hydrating. A mix of acids and serums will be applied to your skin. This mixture will open your pores, bringing to the surface any dirt and oil that has been clogging the pores. 

  3. Infusing & Protecting. The HydraFacial tool will be applied to the skin, essentially vacuuming out the dirt, oil, blackheads, and any other skin imperfections. 

Who Can Benefit From a HydraFacial?

A HydraFacial can be performed on almost all ages, skin complexions, and skin issues. Essentially, anyone can benefit from a HydraFacial treatment. If someone is hoping to improve the appearance of their skin, receive a deep clean, and treat wrinkles, dark spots, oily skin, and large pores, a HydraFacial can help. 

It is recommended that those with rosacea, perioral dermatitis, or other skin concerns speak with their doctor before any skin treatment is performed. 


Rheana ★★★★★

I had a hydrafacial done with Brittlyn and it was great! This is one of my favorite services. I have been to another med spa in the area and nothing compares to the experience at Avani. I will not make the mistake again of trying out another place! I also had Botox and filler done by Racquel. She is the most friendly, knowledgeable, and amazing provider. You can tell she really loves what she does. My results are always great from her. I originally started coming to Nayak a couple years ago because I had not so great under eye filler done at the other med spa. I could not have found a better injector! I really cannot speak highly enough of the whole practice. From the girls at the front desk, to the assistants, to the esthetician’s and nurses- everyone is great!

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Results and Aftercare

Post-care instructions from a HydraFacial treatment are minimal. There is no downtime needed and virtually no side effects other than possible redness for a couple of hours after treatment. Initial results can be seen in the days following your HydraFacial. With the right after-treatment care of the skin, you should see your skin health improve over the following weeks. 

For at least one day after treatment, do not put on makeup, wash your face, work out, or do other activities that will produce sweat on the face. You will also need to take care of your fresh skin with sunscreen for roughly a week after treatment and must not receive any other facial treatments for about 2 weeks.

HydraFacial Cost and Investment

To maintain results, you will need multiple HydraFacial treatments. After your initial appointment, it is recommended to receive a facial monthly to maintain the fresh, clean shine of your skin. Keep this in mind when considering the price of a facial and the investment needed for multiple treatments if you’re planning to treat your skin with HydraFacials. 

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A HydraFacial in St. Louis can help you achieve clear and beautiful skin. At Avani Derm Spa, we offer quality treatment options for patients with lasting results. Arrange your consultation by contacting us today.

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