No More Double Chin

Kybella is a non-surgical way to remove excess fat beneath your chin area – the “double chin”. It is an injection of deoxycholic acid, and each treatment may take approximately 15 to 25 minutes.

You may require more than one session, depending on your unique features. Kybella was approved for use by authorities in 2015, and is largely well-tolerated by many people who have undergone the procedure. It is a good alternative to liposuction and is definitely worth exploring.

What It Really Involves

A series of deoxycholic acid injections is administered to the patient. What they do is target fat cells in the area underneath the chin. Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid that absorbs fat, and thereby eliminates it.

By destroying the fat cells under the chin area, the area cannot store fat anymore. There is no fear of incisions and down time is minimal. You may be eligible for the procedure if you are over eighteen years of age, and have a moderate to severe degree of fat beneath your chin.

It isn’t a good idea to think about this surgery if you are pregnant, or nursing, or have an underlying infection or medical condition near the chin region. The society for dermatological surgery in America discovered that 67 percent of people are troubled by excess fat under the chin, or the neck region. Kybella is the only non-invasive way to effectively treat this problem.

There is little preparation involved as there is no surgery done, yet your doctor will have to take note of your health history and any prevalent conditions you may have, and medication you may be on. Minor side effects subside within a few weeks, and you’ll have a more appealing definition to your face.