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Diamond Microdermabrasion

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With diamond microdermabrasion, St. Louis patients can address a number of cosmetic issues, including dull skin, rough texture, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. This soothing facial treatment is gentle yet effective, giving the skin a youthful and rejuvenated glow. It even allows makeup to be applied more smoothly!

The top layer of our skin faces a lot of external damage every day. As a result, it loses its smooth texture and youthful appearance. Daily wear and tear may also lead to premature aging when left untreated.

To help restore the epidermis to its former healthy state, diamond microdermabrasion sands away the damaged layer, revealing healthy and undamaged skin layers beneath. This promotes the growth of a new and stronger epidermis that can better withstand daily wear and tear.

What Is Diamond Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is the process of removing the outermost skin layer using an advanced medical-grade handpiece. There are many types of microdermabrasion techniques, and one of the most popular and effective methods is crystal-free microdermabrasion using a diamond-tipped handpiece.

The applicator exfoliates the epidermis, removing dead and damaged skin cells and suctioning them away using internal suction. The diamond handpiece also removes superficial concerns and debris clogged in the pores. It is very effective in deep cleaning the skin and smoothing out surface concerns. The applicator is not harsh on the skin and is instead very gentle.

Where Can It Be Used?

Diamond microdermabrasion can be used on the face, neck, hands, and chest. It is an excellent option for sensitive areas of the face like the skin surrounding the eyes.

The Microdermabrasion Treatment Process

Diamond microdermabrasion requires no special preparation on part of the patient. Our skincare expert uses a high-precision handpiece to exfoliate the skin of the targeted areas.

As soon as the surface debris and dead skin get exfoliated, the handpiece’s suction removes and collects it. The residue doesn’t stay on the skin any longer than is required, and the epidermis is cleaned thoroughly.

This process is quite gentle and is optimized for each patient. Sometimes the skincare expert may choose to leave the suction or exfoliation on for longer; this is entirely dependent on the intensity of abrasion required for the patient’s skin.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Aftercare

There is no downtime or recovery time associated with microdermabrasion. The patient can return to their daily routine the same day as the procedure. Minor bruising caused due to the suction is very common and heals itself in a few days.

It is advised that the patient keep their skin hydrated and use mild creams on the treated area. It is also important to remember that skin is temporarily more prone to sun damage after this type of skin treatment. Patients are advised to wear hats and sunscreen when going out in the sun.

Some results like a brighter appearance and a smoother texture will be noticeable right after the treatment. Best results will become apparent after a few days or weeks.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Cost

The cost of diamond microdermabrasion is typically $100+ per treatment session. The exact price will depend on factors like the size and number of regions being treated.

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