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Facial Peels St. Louis

At Avani Derm Spa, we offer a wide range of peels for the various issues that people face: The Melanage Peel is a great peel for people looking to reduce those fine lines, tough texture issues, and hyper pigmentation. The Banana Peel is among our most popular and commonly chosen chemical peels, this light peel is great […]

Fakelift St. Louis Injectable Facelift

Today there are more options available than ever before when it comes to non-surgical facial rejuvenation options. The Fakelift uses injectable fillers to help create a more youthful appearance. While naturally there are differences between what cosmetic surgery can do and what non-surgical procedures can do, so it’s important to understand what’s possible and realistic […]

Rejuvenate Your Back Skin with Our Back Facial!

When most people think about skin care, they tend to only think about their face. While your facial skin is a key aspect of your overall appearance, remember that your skin covers your whole body, and that skin needs love, too. Think about the last time you did anything for the skin on your back. […]

Are Chemical Peels Painful?

Do chemical peels hurt? This is one of the most common questions that people have about the treatment. The thought of putting chemicals on their face and experiencing peeling makes some people feel uncomfortable. The first thing you should know is that chemical peels are completely safe. The chemical solutions used for the treatment are […]

Maintain the Beauty of Your Skin with Routine Facials

It can be hard to make time for your skin. Trying to juggle your personal and professional life means that there is very little time for those “me” moments. If you are looking for a skin-care treatment with long-lasting benefits, a facial is your ideal choice. Facials provide the full package when it comes to […]

Treating Your Acne Scars with Our MicroLaser Peel

Do you have noticeable acne scars all over your face? After you’ve finally found a treatment that works against your acne, you want to be able to feel good about the way your skin looks. But if you have acne scars, you may feel just as uncomfortable as you did before. If you want skin […]

Men: Have You Been Taking Care Of Your Skin?

A lot of men don’t take the time to properly care for their skin. Maintaining a good skin-care routine is incredibly important. It keeps your face looking young, keeps your skin healthy, and lets others know that you care about your appearance. At Avani Derm Spa, our goal is to make it easy for every […]

Make Body-Hair Maintenance Easy with Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted body hair is something that everyone has to deal with. The summer season can make hair maintenance an even more annoying issue, because you have to constantly shave and wax just so you feel comfortable in your swimsuit. If you want to permanently eliminate unwanted body hair so you never have to worry about […]

Need a Quick Way to Rejuvenate Your Skin? Try Our Express Facial!

It can be incredibly hard to find time to properly take care of your skin when so much of your time goes into balancing your work with your home life. Sure, you might have the time to wash and scrub your face before bed, but that may not be enough to maintain the beauty of […]

Need Help Getting Rid Of Your Double Chin?

Are you struggling to get rid of the excess fat around your chin and jawline? Even people who exercise on a daily basis can find it hard to get rid of their double chin. If traditional methods of fat reduction are not working for you, our team at Avani Derm Spa has the perfect solution […]

Happy birthday to my beautiful, smart, hardworking wife Avani! I love you! (📸 @jaimayhew) ...

Today’s art!

This beautiful young woman wanted a refined nose to match her frame.

She was particularly interested in eliminating the bump and refining her tip, while keeping a pretty, tasteful, natural appearance.

You can see a sneak peek of her profile right on the operating table!

I also performed a conservative chin implant and a little bit of liposuction to bring her lower face into balance. Those more-subtle results will be evident in a couple of months.

For those of you wondering, in the bottom picture, you can see the “oral airway” we sometimes use during sedation anesthesia.

Unlike a breathing tube, which travels all the way down the throat into the windpipe, this type of airway is non-invasive. It simply keeps the tongue from falling back against the roof of the mouth when the patient is super relaxed and comfortable.

No, I’m not giving you one for your snoring husband 😜

What do you think of her new nose?

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